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Liz was a pleasure to work with from booking, planning, and performance. She adapted well to the outside venue and the Illinois August heat, and she stole the hearts of our visitors; she is a true talent.

- Tom Munroe (Illinois State Fair - Conservation World)

Liz Bentley is one of the most talented young performers I've ever worked with and seen. She makes it look easy and I love her variety - she can go from rocking out a Heart song to singing country with ease. And I've never seen anybody work as hard as Liz - she is always playing, and you can tell she loves to play!

- Rodney Hart (Musician, Owner of 

Second String Music)

Quincy Firefighters Local 63 appreciates the professionalism and outstanding artistic and musical talent of Liz Bentley. We have had the pleasure of retaining Liz for numerous venues including her opening performance for Emerson Drive for our 2014 Annual Country Music Show. Besides Liz’s outstanding performances, she shares the same values we do of community and veteran support. We can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with Liz!

- Mark Bigelow (Quincy Fire


Liz performed at the Illinois State Fair last summer and did a tremendous job. She is a very talented young lady who not only possesses a beautiful voice, but is also an accomplished musician. We are definitely looking forward to having her back in 2015.

- Kevin Gordon (Illinois State Fair)

Liz is an extremely talented young lady. I have booked Liz 8 times for different events. She has always been on time, and very professional. Whether she is singing the National Anthem or playing a full set, she is always a crowd-pleaser. I would recommend Liz from wineries to festivals and anything in between.


- Dave Ulrich (Founder & President of

Mid-America Military Salute) 

I first met Liz through her brother Robert.  Beautiful young woman that unquestionably radiates her inner beauty outwardly through song and giving to others. One of our first opportunities I had to work with Liz was surrounding a cancer healing arts session.  I not only asked Liz to perform, but also to sing a specific song.  Liz informed me, “Claudia – this is rap!  I’ll have to rewrite it, let me see what I can do”.  And “do” she did!  The song, which I dedicated to my friend who passed from cancer, was sung with clarity and feeling, which quickly became center of the evening making many audience members a bit emotional. 


It’s not only that Liz took the challenge to perform and re-write the song but she did so on a volunteer basis.  I don’t know very many 16-year-olds (her age at the time) to be so generous with time and effort.  Needless to say, the audience adored her and she has been a friend and my go-to performer since.


In 2016 I co-chaired a Leadership Illinois Conference, Power of the Individual, in Quincy, IL.  Again, I reached out to Liz to perform at dinner but once again gave her a challenge.  As this organization promotes the continued growth of women in leadership positions, I asked Liz to write a short history of her leadership.  I can still hear her voice, “Claudia, can I just sing”?  But in normal Liz style, she did NOT disappoint. 


The evening started with women all across the state of Illinois brought together for dinner and music.  They instantly fell in love with Liz’s sultry old vibe voice.  And then being a bit demure, Liz read her Leadership Statement.  Everyone was moved to tears, at Liz’s genuine and honest timeline of her definition of leadership.  And like all the other performances, Liz was donating her time. 


I am honored and humbled to be able to write these short paragraphs in support of Liz,

my much younger old soul friend. 

- Claudia Lasys (Blessing Hospital)

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